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emotions & feelings
feeling abandoned
feeling accepted
feeling accountable
feeling affectionate
feeling aggressive
feeling ambivalent
feeling angry
feeling anxious
feeling appreciation, feeling appreciated
feeling arrogant
avoidance -feeling the need to "avoid" something
feeling awkward
feeling balanced
feeling close
feeling curious
feeling depressed
feeling disappointed
feeling excited
feeling like a failure
feeling fearful or afraid
feeling frustrated
feeling happy
feeling hate
feeling hostile, experiencing hostility
feeling impatient
feeling indifferent
feeling joyful
feeling lonely
feeling in love... feeling loved.... loving
needed - need
feeling negative
feeling obligated
feeling open
feeling optimistic
feeling positive
feeling rebellious
feeling restless...
feeling sad
needing understanding - wanting to understand
feeling wounded

Teens Tell All about...Parents

  • It always matters to me how my parents feel. I'm very honest with them about sex & they're very honest with me. Being able to communicate with them about sex is very important so that we can help each other understand.1

  • I wouldn't know what is most helpful when parents talk about sex. My parents never talked to me, that's why I am now a dad.2

  • I think schools need to be honest about sex. They should also tell us about birth control...everything! I know that some parents don't want their kids knowing that stuff...but, please grow up!!! Would you rather they found out about sex when some guy tells them that it's for fun & it won't hurt & that they should trust him (or her for that matter)? - girl, 14 3

  • The only way that I can think of to prevent teen pregnancy is if parents hold a good & manageable relationship with their kids.4

  • I think most parents make the mistake of scaring their kids. Parents should tell their kids they won't punish them but that they'll be disappointed.5

  • Trying to bully us into admitting we're having sex doesn't help.6

  • I knew how my parents felt about me having sex, but I did it anyway. I didn't care what they thought. But they were right. I got pregnant at 16 & now I listen to my parents a lot more.7

  • My parents don't want me to have sex, but I don't care because I'd love to get pregnant. If I had a baby, then I'd have someone to love me & need me.8

  • It's almost as if adults are afraid to talk about it for fear they'll put the idea in our head. Well. guess what...we're already thinking about it & we need as much guidance & advice as possible.9

  • My parents don't like the fact that I'm having sex, but they understand that if it does happen, my boyfriend wears a condom & I'm on the pill.10

  • The most important factor associated with young women being overwhelmed by the stress in life, in my opinion, is a lapse in proper parenting. Parents need to take responsibility for their child's actions & teach them right from wrong.11

  • Some kids, their parents are always yelling at them, "If you ever have sex, I'm going to kill you! If you have sex, I'm going to do this to you!" Forget it! I'm going to go have sex. See what you do. I'm going to go have sex just to 'piss you off!' 12

  • I really don't like it when my parents beat around the bush. I would like it if they came out & said what they meant. The most helpful thing to me is that I hear it from my parents & not from the streets. The unhelpful thing is when they start to lecture.13

  • I am a teen mom. I don't blame my parents for my pregnancy. However, it would have been helpful if they had been a little more open about sex. It was never discussed until they discovered that I was pregnant.14

  • Oftentimes adults are hypocrites. Adults have to become good to teach us how to be good.15

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