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emotions & feelings
feeling abandoned
feeling accepted
feeling accountable
feeling affectionate
feeling aggressive
feeling ambivalent
feeling angry
feeling anxious
feeling appreciation, feeling appreciated
feeling arrogant
avoidance -feeling the need to "avoid" something
feeling awkward
feeling balanced
feeling close
feeling curious
feeling depressed
feeling disappointed
feeling excited
feeling like a failure
feeling fearful or afraid
feeling frustrated
feeling happy
feeling hate
feeling hostile, experiencing hostility
feeling impatient
feeling indifferent
feeling joyful
feeling lonely
feeling in love... feeling loved.... loving
needed - need
feeling negative
feeling obligated
feeling open
feeling optimistic
feeling positive
feeling rebellious
feeling restless...
feeling sad
needing understanding - wanting to understand
feeling wounded

Rachel eating at Frischs
she would kill me if she knew I was using this pic of her!

I really like working with teens. I have two - well three... one is my step daughter - but three teens and all their friends which makes tons of teens and a very small house with only one bathroom.
We recently all got cell phones. I was one of those moms that said, "Hell will freeze over before I get a cell phone!"
But now I have a cell phone and I do like it because it has a camera on it. So we all have these phones with cameras and I love taking pictures of everything we do!
This is my fourteen year old daughter Rachel!

this is my step daughter... almost 18 Jodi

Jodi is my step daughter, but I really really love her. She just started college. She's really awesome.

Sometimes cell phones don't take the best pictures but I like to get candid shots like this one of Jo and Rach!

Jodi & Rachel

I've got a teenage son, Preston. He's sixteen.


my daughter, michelle - she's 30 & Preston

teens have emotions and feelings about their own brothers and sisters...
I know about this because I have a brother and a sister as well. We aren't close and we never were. I have always wanted my kids to be close to one another, but there are problems in our family.
Problems can cause more intense emotions and feelings.... we'll talk about all kinds of emotional problems here!
If you ever need to chat with someone or you have a question or you want to make a suggestion or if you just want to tell me that you'd like to date my son... or my daughter or daughters... whatever...
you can email me - just do it by clicking here!

feelings are different when you're in a group...

teens have many different emotions & feelings that seem to be speeding through their hearts and minds the entire time they're awake...
it's like your heart never stops feeling and your mind never stops beating yourself up over the fact that you're not perfect or you're too fat or you don't drive a good enough car...
teens have more feelings and emotions than anyone gives them credit for...
and teens don't know what to do with what they're feeling either...
no one tells them what to do with their emotions...

caring... what do you know about it? click here !

this site ties in with teenscene and angels & princesses as well as the rest of the emotional feelings network of sites...
it's all connected through the many many underlined link words - like - love!
the word love can be found in many places throughout the network, each place having different information - it's not the same stuff... so click on those underlined link words & you'll love the hidden treasure you'll find!

emotional problems... or emotional feelings...

I've been trying to get this great girl... supadupaflygirl to do some videos here - talking about emotions and feelings.... you can find her on youtube.com...
leave her a comment and ask her to come here and do some videos!!! I think she would do a great job here!

being "in love"

it's too small!!!!!!
it's too small, but there's an opportunity for you to vote here!! I want to know what you think and how you feel!!!! participate

and then....
teens think that no one understands what they're feeling...
this site is for teens to learn how to recognize when they're feeling something - and how to identify what they're feelin'...
how to process these emotions & feelings...
& how to "let go" of things once they've experienced & processed their emotions & feelings... 

thanks for visiting teens are emotionally feeling!
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